Leading Christian travel network specializing in Holy Land tour planning. People can learn, plan and share their travel tour experiences on Travelujah.

Old City night

Travelujah is the leading online Christian-focused information source catering to pastors, parish priests, tour operators, academics and other individuals seeking to learn about Holy Land tours.   Plan your journey, get expert advice, read tour reviews, get advice from read pilgrims, learn about Jewish and Christian life in Israel and stay up to date with new discoveries, sites and other events.

In addition to helping you plan a pilgrimage, Travelujah offers extensive information to help people to grow in their Biblical faith and connect them to the Holy Land. With over 25 years of experience in tourism including Christian pilgrimage Travelujah is the only expert resource where you can learn from travel experts and real pilgrims.

We understand that visiting Israel is a once in a lifetime journey for most people and our website is designed to help you every step of the way.   Meet other pilgrims, and see their pictures, upload your own, provide your own tour reviews, and give advice to others on Travelujah. Book day tours, weekly tours, specialized tours, or learn about the many different types of tours others are doing and see what suits you and your group.

Our mission is to help Christians connect to Israel by creating and maintaining ties with the ancient and living stones of the Bible, Visit Travelujah and learn how to plan  your next tour or pilgrimage.


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