Making Movies

Making Movies

Have your next trip or special occasion in Israel captured on film by a professional videographer!

Your last trip to Israel was incredible, but you now wish you’d had it videoed professionally.

You videoed it but never get to sit and re-live those moments because you have hours of unedited video (and a little bit shaky at that!) and wish you had just got the best bits and that it had been filmed on a professional video camera in full HD.

The last family celebration in Israel was amazing, but you only have some still photographs and a few small video clips taken from your smartphone.

Traveling to Israel to visit the Holy Sites and to take in the breathtaking landscapes? Celebrating soon in Israel a special family celebration or occasion – Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem, family wedding maybe? Have it captured on video in full High Definition by a professional videographer and edited into a priceless video memento for you to share with your friends and family back home!

Making Movies offers video and editing services for your upcoming visit to Israel. Making Movies is owned by Trevor Mason, a professional videographer who was born and raised in the UK, and speaks fluent Hebrew. We can offer you the following video services during your next visit to the Holy Land:

  • Video your family’s special celebration in Jerusalem or elsewhere
  • Edit the event into a special video memento just for you
  • Video & edit a special video clip for your special celebration
  • Film part, or all of your holiday in Israel to have your trips to the amazing sights and locations in Israel captured on video for ever
Final edited video files will be available to you in full HD in PAL or NTSC.

For further details about our services, send me an email today.

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