Bar BaKfar

Bar BaKfar

Amazing Tuscany-style hospitality in the heart of the Galilee

Tuscany is here!

Between the magnificence of Mount Tavor and the magic of the Sea of Galilee lies the Israeli Provence. You are invited to partake of hospitality in the style of the French chateau replete with good wine, the aroma of vines and wide green spaces, all these just a short distance from Tel Aviv.

“Bar Bakfar” is spread over an enormous area overlooking the breathtaking views of the green and flowering valleys, and offers 10 vacation units of spectacular beauty and design. “Barr in the Country” is ideal for small conventions, family meetings and out of the ordinary events with a pastoral and country fragrance.

In our complex you will find a spacious swimming pool overlooking the scenery of Mount Tavor and the vines from which the Bar’s produce prestigious wines in the boutique winery they founded – and let’s not forget the wonderful breakfasts, freshly served every morning, personally prepared by Nili Bar. You will be able to stay in a luxurious villa, a romantic wood cabin and even a comfortable and warm family cabin. “Bar Bakfar” – an unforgettable experience!



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